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MERN Forum # 27
Session: 1B
Author: Brenda Firman
Elders: Martha Jonasson, Stella Neff, Albert Tait
Instructor: Buddy Loyie
School District: Ron Cook, Loretta Dykun
Pre-service teacher:TBD Students and Teachers from the district: TBD
Affiliation: University College of the North
Title : Living and learning together in place
Description : The UCN Kenanow Bachelor of Education Program and the School District of Mystery Lake partnered in September 2011 for a week-long land-based learning experience. Elders, resource people, pre-service teachers, instructors, elementary students, teachers, and district personnel learned together experientially in their shared local ‘place’. Representatives from each of these groups will gather as a panel to share their perspectives on the experience and to answer questions. The presentation will begin with a brief overview and finish with a summary of ‘next steps’.
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