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Session: 1A
Author: Chris Hicks
Affiliation: Border Land School Division
Title : Values and ethics in the decision-making of rural Manitoba school principals
Description : This study examined the ethical leadership experiences of four school principals in rural Manitoba using a naturalistic inquiry approach of semi-structured interviewing. The intent was to examine the extent to which the decisions principals make when faced with an ethical dilemma align with the ethical paradigms of Care, Critique, Justice, Profession and/or Community. Analysis indicated that the Ethic of Community figured most predominantly in the decisions made by rural school principals. The ethics of Profession and Care were the next most often cited, followed by the Ethic of Justice. Limited evidence of the Ethic of Critique was evidenced in the discourse provided by participants. The paper concludes with a reflection on the nature of values-based ethical leadership in rural contexts, and recommendations for research, theory and practice

. NOTE: This abstract and content of the presentation represents a joint project I am working on with Dr. Dawn Wallin. The paper is being submitted for publication based on data from my Masters Thesis (2011)

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