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MERN Forum # 26
Session: 3F
Author: Stephanie Yamniuk
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Resilience theory as a way of empowering newcomer students and schools
Description : For the purposes of working to integrate newcomer students and their families into our schools, both academically and socially, I believe that an understanding of the concepts of resilience and equity are essential to a school community whose goal is to build a relationship with the newcomer family and their student, and to make the school a place to support the integration and educational success of immigrant and refugee students. I propose using the term “culture of resilience” for a school environment where students can excel and be involved in the life of the school community. I will show how implementing inclusive educational strategies (Fong, 2004; Hamilton & Moore, 2004), racial and ethnicity responsive approaches in teaching (Hawley & Nieto, 2010), can work together to deepen the trust and integration of immigrant and refugee students into our schools, as educators better understand the challenges they face in attending school in a new country. Newcomer students are faced with a new set of expectations, both at the social level and the academic level, and this can be very stressful. The results of understanding newcomer students in the context of their unique experiences, and using practical strategies from inclusive education, and racial and ethnicity responsive approaches, will be to empower newcomer students, and to create a safe and equitable space for students who desire to become an active participant in their new school community. Our schools play an important part in creating a “culture of resilience” where students can feel like they belong to a community.
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