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MERN Forum # 26
Session: 3B
Author: Andrea McCluskey
and Debra Radi
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Enhancing access to post-secondary opportunities for non-traditional learners
Description : Increasingly members of our local and provincial community are seeking ways to continue their lifelong learning pathways to success through education. The University of Winnipeg is committed to supporting non-traditional, non-sequential learners to engage in learning to meet their academic and career goals by providing students with opportunities to make successful transitions to post-secondary education. Our Aboriginal Student Services Centre (ASSC) has lead the way with innovative programming to re-claim learners who have not completed their high school education and want to continue in post-secondary education as a pathway to success as contributing members of a vibrant community. Through our programming, we foster independence for all levels and abilities of students with academic, social, economic, social-emotional supports. We offer parallel programming to facilitate a smooth transition to overcome social stereotypes and learned helplessness. This session will showcase our innovative programming that helps adults enter post-secondary studies with success. University Preparatory Program (UPP) - a bridging program for individuals who have a desire to further their education yet do not possess admission requirements Transition Year Program (TYP) - our program that help first year Aboriginal students make the transition to university a successful one Basics: Computer, Literacy, Numeracy/Math Skills Program - a non-credit academic refresher program to build skills confidence for non-sequential individuals who meet entrance requirements but have not applied for admission or have not recently attended a post-secondary institution.
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