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MERN Forum # 26
Session: 2F
Author: Stephanie Yamniuk
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Where is equity found in the relationship between education and poverty?
Description : A socially critical analysis of the relationship between education and poverty will reveal that there are a number of factors that impact this complex relationship. In this paper, I will give some explanation of Habermas’s framework on the ideologies of poverty, based on the research of curricularist, William Schubert. In Schubert’s research (1986), we see three groups of perspectives on poverty: Conservative (conforming); Liberal (reforming); and Radical (transforming, or socially critical praxis). I will use these as a basis for my discussion on the theories of poverty. The main issues in identifying the problems, the interventions, and the complexities involved in the many ways that poverty can be impacted by education are, in the current literature, dependent on how you understand the “environment” of the individual who is living in poverty, and, in the context of this paper, how does that individual’s environment interact with an educational institution? For the purposes of this paper, I will be using the theoretical framework of Bronfenbrenner’s (1979) Ecological theory, as a way of better understanding the various circles of environment that impact the development of the child, and how educators can support children and families who are living in poverty by taking a holistic approach to education. The literature that I have included fits into an ecological approach to understanding the child living in poverty, and the layered relationships with educational supports that impact the child.
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