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MERN Forum # 26
Session: 1D
Author: Duane Brothers
Affiliation: Manitoba Association of School Superintendents / Seven Oaks School Division
Title : A critical vision for social justice in Canadian school systems
Description : Social justice has become a major concern of many educational scholars during the past thirty years (Furman, 2003; Marshall; 2004). Murphy (1999) identifies social justice as one of the “powerful synthesizing paradigms embedded in the shifting landscape” (p. 54) and includes social justice within a general shift towards attention to moral purposes in the leadership of schools. Giroux (1983, 1988) proposed a "language of critique", and a "language of possibility" through which he contends that any theoretical perspective that view schools and schools systems as mere instruments for the reproduction of capitalist relations and dominant ideologies could not contemplate the opportunity for, and in fact the reality of, any "counterhegemonic" practices in schools (Giroux, 1988, p. 111). The work of critical educators in general and critical educational leadership in particular should be "to raise ambitions, desires, and real hope for those who wish to take seriously the issue of educational struggle and social justice" (Giroux, 1988, p. 177). During this session, participants will be exposed to three broad domains of social justice as they pertain to education (Larson & Muthada, 2004) including the importance of “putting the life world of children and families at the core of leadership theory and practice” (p.145); the value of organizing multicultural communities through democratic leadership (Furman, 1998; Larson and Murtadha, 2004; Maxcy, 1995; Strike, 1993); and the importance of social justice work that focuses on the development of human capabilities or capacities through education (Larson & Murtadha, 2002).
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