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Session: 43
Author: Rose Antsanen,
John George Hansen
Affiliation: University College of the North, The Pas
Title : Embracing holistic pedagogy in the restorative justice program
Description : This paper aims to discuss the medicine wheel philosophy as the pedagogical basis for ‘teaching and learning’ in the Restorative Justice Program at the University College of the North. We have attempted to analyze a pedagogical model based on the educational ideas, principles, practices and traditions of Aboriginal people. The paper combines the knowledge, stories, philosophy, values, and analysis of pedagogy from an Aboriginal point of view. The work is entitled Embracing Holistic Pedagogy in the Restorative Justice Program because Aboriginal people tend to understand teaching and learning in terms of holism. The paper examines: 1) the concept of restorative justice, and 2) the holistic nature of the medicine wheel philosophy. A mix of features are presented: the healing focus of restorative justice, the implication of worldview in the interpretation of Aboriginal pedagogy, and embracing the medicine wheel philosophy as the pedagogical basis for the restorative justice program.

While no single paper can provide a comprehensive discussion on Aboriginal pedagogy. We hope this work will illuminate our understanding for a pedagogy that is grounded in traditional Aboriginal teachings and practices. This work provides a narrative and theoretical framework for understanding an Aboriginal model for teaching and learning. The major postulation of this study is that traditional Aboriginal ways of knowing and being can be used to promote student learning and achievement in the present day.

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