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Session: 33
Author: Barbara McMillan
Affiliation: University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education
Title : Responding to community aspirations: The development, implementation and assessment of culture-based science curricula in Canada’s North
Description : We will report on aspects of a five-year science education development project in the Qikiqtani region of Nunavut, Canada. The project was established to assist three Inuit school communities in identifying, achieving, and sustaining their aspirations for science education (Kindergarten through Grade 6). We will present the manner in which a community’s goals were identified and describe several of the processes that were implemented to assist in achieving these goals. One of these processes, with particular importance at the microlevel (student-teacher interactions), has been the development of science curricula that incorporate both the traditional cultural and technological knowledge of the Inuit and the knowledge of science as represented in the Council of Ministers of Education’s Common Framework of Science Learning Outcomes, K to 12.
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