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MERN Forum # 21
Session: 23
Author: Kevin Chief,
Gerry Zacharias
Affiliation: The University of Winnipeg’s Innovative Learning Centre
The Winnipeg Aboriginal Sports Achievement Centre
Title : Shine on north
Description : Kevin Chief and Gerri Zacharias will present information on how they are working to bring together resources from both the University of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Aboriginal Sports Achievement Centre to support learning and training for Aboriginal children and youth living in Northern communities,
Through support from The Manitoba Government Department of Education Shine On Initiative, WASAC and the ILC have been able to partner together to create this unique and innovative program.
The WASAC North initiative brings together an ensemble of Aboriginal Youth Mentors from WASAC, who will share their knowledge and passions of sport, educational opportunities, culture and community development with Aboriginal youth from communities across the North, beginning with Shamattawa in the summer of 2009.
The goal of this initiative is to promote community spirit, strengthen local community programs and develop ways in which resources can be shared by academic institutions and community organizations to deliver sustainable, relevant, practical and fun programs for children and youth. Young people from northern communities will be trained by the WASAC Youth Team in the methods and structures that are needed to build community involvement while promoting sport, education, and culture.
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