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Session: 22
Author: Frederica Prince,
Loretta Francois,
Brenda Firman
Affiliation: University College of the North, Thompson Campus
Title : Teacher education, service learning, and community renewal
Description : Frederica, Loretta, and Susan have taken the concept of “giving back” to a new level by creatively embracing experiential learning opportunities in their teacher education program in ways that provide learning and challenge while allowing them to contribute within their home community. After the resounding success of a Year 1 service learning project, Kenanow program faculty followed their students’ lead by re-examining course assignments to provide enhanced learning opportunities within a community context.

The pre-service teachers will share their experiences of completing assignments and projects directly within their home community context. Their efforts have helped establish their credibility and value as teachers within their community, have begun strengthening connections between the community school and parents, and have brought community-based knowledge to the teacher-education program. Kenanow faculty will frame the student experiences within the Kenanow Learning model of the UCN teacher education program.

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