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Session: 12
Author: Loretta Francois,
Matilda Gibb,
Brenda Firman
Affiliation: University College of the North, Thompson
Title : Supporting the spirit of inclusion: Kenanow, teaching training and the L3 site
Description : The requirement for providing appropriate educational programming to every student in “a regular class of his or her peers” (Bill 13) compels teacher education programs to explore creative avenues for preparing future teachers to overcome the “organizational and pedagogical constraints that exist in the implementation of inclusive practice” (SDML 2008 Special Services Review).

This collaborative presentation tells the story of a successful pilot practicum placement of a second year pre-service teacher with a cooperating teacher at an L3 site. True to the Kenanow Learning Model, the success impacted not only the pre-service teacher and co-operating teacher; but also the students at both the L3 site and in the regular classroom, the Educational Assistants, other teachers, and the teacher-education program.

Each of the presenters will share their professional and personal perspective on the pilot; speaking from their locations as pre-service teacher, co-operating teacher, and teacher-education faculty. The contributing pre-conditions and implications for teacher training will also be discussed.

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