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MERN Forum # 20
Session: 4E
Author: Louesa Polyzoi,
Laura Atkinson,
Cathrine Froese Klassen
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Manitoba Teachers’ Society
University of Winnipeg
Title : Success despite the odds: The voices of inner city youth
Description : Preliminary results will be presented from a recent qualitative study of at-risk youth who are presently succeeding in school in spite of the odds against them. Students at four urban high schools who had faced challenges but were presently succeeding in grade 9 and in grade 12 were interviewed about their life experiences and their reflections on their school achievement. They were also asked about the supports from family, community, and school that had contributed to their success. Students had faced a wide variety of challenges but all were doing well in school. The older students were on track to graduate. Where the difficulties faced by students were most severe, and especially when family supports were lost, services provided by schools were more likely to play a significant role in supporting student success.
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