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Session: 4A
Author: Shauna MacKinnon
Affiliation: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Manitoba
Title : State of the Inner City report 2009 - It takes all day to be poor
Description : Poor people know that the effects of poverty reach far beyond the wallet. Poor people, especially those experiencing long-term and intergenerational poverty, often come to believe that there is little hope for a better future. And for many, this is a reasonable assessment. Research shows that the longer people lie in poverty, the less likely they will escape it.

This year, in the fifth Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives State of the Inner City Report, we focus on poverty. We include a statistical update on the changing face of poverty and show how one community, Lord Selkirk Park, is becoming a community of hope. To illustrate the complexity of peoples’ lives, we also tell the stories of six individuals living in poverty and one individual who works as an advocate for youth living in poverty. Angelical, Allen,Claudette, Janette, Sabrina and Taryn documented their experiences getting through their days, weeks and months on a low-income budget. These people are an example of how people spend their days navigating through a complex and often un-sympathetic web of institutions they depend on for survival. For these people, “it takes all day to be poor.

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