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Session: 3E
Author: Alysha Sloane
Affiliation: Manitoba School Improvement Program
Title : Education as community development: Working in solidarity to build more peaceful and democratic communities
Description : Part one of the presentation will consist of a brief summary of an action research project conducted by the Manitoba School Improvement Program in the spring of 2009. The researcher examined the constraints that impact newcomer youth and their families who live in the inner city of Winnipeg. The research project involved students, parents, caregivers, service providers, and educators.

As a result of the action research, a program called The Peaceful Village evolved at 2 school sites. The Peaceful Village is an ideal, a location, and an educational process where school and community members work in solidarity to enrich the lives of all members of the `village`. The creation of the program comes from the belief that the school shares much of the responsibility for the continuous renewal of the community in which it is situated. The villagers invest their hopes for a better world in the school because the primary aim of public education is to help young people to actualize the villagers` collective understanding of what it means to live together peacefully in a democratic society.

The second half of the presentation will deconstruct how the action research process created a small space for parents, caregivers, young people, community organizations and educators to work together to begin to reduce the barriers that confront some of the newest members of Manitoba communities.

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