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MERN Forum # 20
Session: 3C
Author: Matt Reimer,
Paul Betts
Affiliation: Harold Hatcher Elementary School
University of Winnipeg
Title : Social justice in the math classroom
Description : In this presentation, we will describe several theoretical and practical aspects of critical mathematics, which we view as an opportunity to encounter mathematics in our day-to-day lives as a tool for social justice. Critical math is the application of mathematical knowledge to the social realities and injustices that exist in the world, and using information about these injustices to expound upon mathematical processes and outcomes. We have developed a framework for generating critical mathematics activities, which involves three phases of self-reflection, reflection and reaction. We will also provide several examples that meet middle-years mathematics outcomes, drawing on social issues such as poverty, carbon footprints and waste management. Although other mathematics educators and teachers in North America and internationally have implemented critical mathematics lessons successfully, we have not yet tested these ideas in a Manitoba classroom. We believe that students with Aboriginal, Immigrant, at Risk and/or Inner city backgrounds would benefit the most from this approach to mathematics instruction; this is because Critical Mathematics has the potential to turn mathematics from a hegemonic gate keeper to a tool for empowerment. Thus, we also view this presentation as an opportunity to form partnerships with schools and/or divisions in order to explore the efficacy of this approach within a Manitoba context.
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