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Session: 2F
Author: Khalida Tanvir Syed
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Anti-racist Multiculturalism for a just society
Description : In this study, Canadian teacher educators were asked the question, "What are your personal and pedagogical experiences of engaging with the complexities of teaching anti-racist multicultural education in your graduate courses?" The researcher is a Muslim woman, born and raised in a Pakistani mainstream South Asian culture, who completed her post graduate education in western Canada and has an interest in anti-racist, multicultural education. She selected Canada as a location to investigate this question primarily because it is the first nation in the world to have enacted government policy in support of multiculturalism. Storied approaches in education have a rich history. Witherell and Noddings (1991) state: "Stories are powerful research tools. They provide us with a picture of real people in real situations, struggling with real problem. They invite us to speculate on what might be changed and to what effect" (p. 280).The study was conceptualized within a framework that drew upon critical multiculturalism, antiracist multicultural teacher education and postcolonial theories. A review of the literature focused primarily on the work of Bhabha, (1994), Cochran-Smith (2004), Kincheloe and Steinberg (1997), Kymlicka (2007), Larkin and Sleeter (1995), Miner (2004) and Moodley (1995). Findings showed the emergence of seven significant factors critical to teaching and learning in anti-racist, multicultural education at the post graduate level in the two Canadian Universities represented. These were titled: "Power in privilege," "Tensions," "Awareness," "Interconnections," "Relationships and mentorship," "Issues and complexities," and "Questions."
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