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Author: Noralou P. Roos
Marni Brownell,
Carla Ens
Affiliation: Dept of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba
Title : An analytic update from the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy: Scores on the early development instrument and selection for reading recovery and results from the child health atlas
Description : In 2002 Manitoba began collecting data on Kindergarten students using the Early Development Instrument (EDI), a tool designed to measure a child's "readiness for school" across several dimensions. The purpose of this study was to determine whether students who scored low on language and cognition in the EDI were more likely to be enrolled in Reading Recovery, one of the more widely used programs designed to reduce literacy learning problems. We also examined whether factors such as socioeconomic status, sex and location predicted participation in Reading Recovery for those who scored "Not Ready" on the EDI language and cognitive domain.

Children were included in this study if they had been assessed by the EDI in either 2004/05 or 2005/06 and attended a school which offered Reading Recovery (n=9676). We found that scoring "Not Ready" on the EDI was a strong predictor of participation in Reading Recovery.

The Child Health Atlas reviewed several indicators of educational performance across the province including rates of retention, school mobility, grade 12 standards tests and high school completion rates. The good news is, retention rates are down, on-time pass rates for grade 12 tests are up and high school completion rates have increased. However, retention rates are higher for boys, for children in rural areas and for those from low income areas. There are also significant disparities in these groups for grade 12 test performance and high school completion rates.

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