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Session: 1E
Author: Jan Forster
Affiliation: Family Services and Housing
Title : Manitoba’s ALL aboard strategy: Towards social inclusion
Description : ALL Aboard, Manitoba's poverty reduction strategy, emphasizes social inclusion as a key determinant of citizen well-being and provincial economic success. The strategy's overall framework is grounded in the understanding that poverty is not only about money: it is about the myriad factors that contribute to inequality of opportunity and outcome. Results from best practices employed in other provinces and countries, as well as an examination of the root causes that lead to social exclusion show that a multi-faceted approach to combat social exclusion is the best way to work towards the goal of reducing poverty and improving social inclusion. To ameliorate the complex social issues of poverty and social exclusion, evidence-based programs and policies need to continue to be developed, enhanced and supported.

The development of the province's poverty reduction and social inclusion strategy paid keen attention to this evidence, committing to build on our already strong foundation of programs to reduce poverty. The ALL Aboard strategy is supported by what has been determined to be the four pillars of social inclusion: safe, affordable housing in supportive communities; education, jobs and income support; strong, healthy families; and accessible, coordinated services.

Framing the issue of poverty in this way, government is moving towards a new definition of social inclusion, recognizing the issues that individuals, families or communities face that keep them from the benefits, resources and opportunities that would otherwise allow them to participate more fully in their communities and reach their full potential. With this new understanding, the ALL Aboard strategy will track a suite of indicators that will demonstrate a much broader picture than one poverty measure alone.

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