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MERN Forum # 20
Session: 1C
Author: Randy Kroeker
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : Social justice: The risks of advocacy
Description : Empowering our students to become proactive citizens who value social justice seems to be a core educational objective beyond repute. And yet many critics suggest that social justice and concomitant ethical and moral values should not be taught in school, and those teachers who endeavour to do so risk falling into the trap of telling students what to think rather than helping them learn how to think.

Is it even possible to determine what constitutes social justice, let alone how we can attain it? Should we as teachers strive to remain content- and value-free in advocating citizenship and social justice processes, or are there core values and beliefs that we need to teach explicitly and unconditionally? Do we risk becoming close-minded True Believers who think we have answers for all social issues, and who misuse our power to influence our young charges?

In this workshop, we will discuss the risks, challenges and possible strategies to navigate this journey with professionalism and integrity. Participants are encouraged to reflect and elaborate on personally-relevant issues and examples that they can share with the group.

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