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Session: 1B
Author: Cameron Cross
Affiliation: Pembina Trails School Division
Title : Brush out poverty
Description : Brush Out Poverty is a social justice initiative designed to engage young people, in various areas of the world. The educational aims of Brush Out Poverty are as follows:
- To provide an art, culture and social awareness exchange between children in the developed and developing worlds.
- To raise awareness of African children orphaned due to AIDS.
- To provide an option of raising funds for orphanages in Africa. All funds raised are directed towards educational materials...i.e school fees, books, computers and other basic educational needs. 100% of all proceeds are directed to the African Orphanages involved in Brush Out Poverty.

If accepted, my 45 minute digital presentation includes: photos, video as well as personal reflections from my two trips to Uganda….on behalf of Pembina Trails School Division. These trips were meant to establish connections with ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange) and Ugandan Schools that work primarily with children who have been orphaned due to AIDS. In total, we worked in 26 separate orphanages while in Africa.

In addition, I will also be presenting Brush Out Poverty to Alysouk Lynhiavu - Director of UNESCO / Canadian Commission for UNESCO in Ottawa, Canada in mid-November. It is our hope to have Brush Out Poverty established as a UNESCO project to allow more North American children the opportunity to connect with children in Africa orphaned due to AIDS.

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