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Session: 4D
Author: Allyson Matczuk
Affiliation: Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth
Title : The role of the teacher in early writing development
Description : This session will summarize the results of a research study in teacher support to foster change over time in the writing development of six-year-old children. This research examined the way that experienced teachers fostered change over time in the writing development of the lowest achieving, beginning writers in grade one. This was accomplished through a study of the level of support that teachers provided through both verbal and non-verbal cues. Using teachers from schools with high and low outcomes, the data was gathered over a series of six lessons conducted by ten Reading Recovery teachers; five from high and five from low outcome schools. The series of observed lessons spanned, on average, from 12 to 20 weeks. Each teacher was observed on six separate occasions totaling 60 observations in all. Interactions were analyzed to determine the level of contingency support provided throughout the course of a child's program; methods of word-solving taught, prompted, and promoted by teachers; and opportunities for developing writing independence as measured by the amount of wait time provided before intervening. Additional observations were made about planning for instruction, the total amount of time provided for writing within daily lessons, and the stimuli used for composition.
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