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MERN Forum # 16
Session: 4C
Author: Liz Coffman
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Active engagements: The arts as the central focus for early learning
Description : The arts play a key role in the transformation of teaching practice in the early years. Teachers who embrace the arts discover children who are confident, expressive and passionate learners capable of going far beyond their expectations. Recent brain research confirms the powerful connections between the arts and children’s love of learning, the change in the classroom climate, the growth of children as independent learners, and much, much more. Research also suggests that teachers who put the arts at the centre of their teaching practice make a dramatic shift from a teacher directed model to a take a more constructivist stance. The challenge for teachers and schools however is to reconsider what teaching and learning is all about. This session will examine the experiences of teachers and Teacher Candidates as they move into a new way of teaching through the arts that demands a different way of thinking about learning, creativity and children.
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