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Session: 3D
Author: Donna Copsey Haydey, Leslie Nutbean
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
St. Matthews Kids Korner Inc.
Title : An intervention program for at-risk inner city kindergarteners: Origin, development, and effectiveness
Description : This presentation will describe a study currently in progress that is measuring the effectiveness of an additional half-day of language and literacy intervention to supplement a half-day kindergarten program for at-risk children. The Literacy Intervention for Tomorrow (LIFT) program, provides an additional half day of language and literacy experiences through a daycare facility. This program originated as a response to the below average scores for these children on the Early Development Instrument, a readiness for kindergarten assessment. Through the collaboration of the school, neighbourhood not-for-profit daycare, and the school division, the LIFT program was created to extend experiences with language and literacy, and to assist students in developing routines generally considered to be necessary for academic success. In this presentation, the development of this intervention program will be detailed, from curriculum, physical space, and student recruitment to the current study with the University of Winnipeg in assessing effectiveness in raising children’s language and literacy levels as well as school related behaviour.
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