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MERN Forum # 16
Session: 3B
Author: Peggy Martin, Michelle Radley
Affiliation: School District of Mystery Lake
Title : Full day kindergarten in Thompson piloted to address low language
Description : Will extending the Kindergarten program to a full-day increase the language, literacy and math skills of targeted students by June? This year the School District of Mystery Lake is piloting two full-day Kindergarten programs. This presentation will focus on the rationale, the preparation, the process of identifying the schools, costs, professional development needs, and a description of the current programs. Within the past 10 years, a significant number of children started Kindergarten with low language (2-3 word sentences). Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Kindergarten teachers are exploring ways to use the new support document “Listening and Speaking, First Steps Into Literacy”. Targeted intervention services are designed within the inclusive special education philosophy. This initiative builds on the five years that the SDML has studied our early years population with a team of Kindergarten teachers, district specialists and outside researchers to identify causes for this language development. This presentation also highlights the role of our Early Childhood Development Consultant to support Thompson’s early childhood community organizations.
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