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Session: 2C
Author: Francine Morin
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : New arts education policy development, reform and research in Manitoba: What early educators need to know
Description : : Arts education policy development and reform has been given much attention at the ministerial level in Manitoba over the last five years which was launched by the publication of a dedicated vision statement for the arts in 2003 entitled The Arts in Education which offers a unified philosophy and set of principles to guide the creation and implementation of excellent arts programs. In 2004, after no provincial curriculum policy reform in the arts since 1979-1980, there has been a renewal project underway over the last four years which is resulting in the development of new K-4 framework and implementation documents for each of dance, drama, music and visual arts. At the end of the 2006-2007 school year, a research study was conducted to gain an insightful and comprehensive understanding of arts education in Manitoba schools. Furthermore, it is intended that the information provided in the final report will provide the data upon which the ministry and its partners in education can begin to design action plans and outreach efforts to improve arts education for all students in Manitoba. In Manitoba, educational authorities at the highest level are acknowledging the importance of the arts in early learning; and there is commitment which has elevated the status of the arts in the provincial discourse on school reform. The purposes of this presentation are to: 1. Introduce the unique features of the arts and invaluable and particular learning that emerges from them for young children; 2. Provide an overview of the philosophy guiding teaching and learning in the arts in Manitoba, as well the essential learning areas addressed in the new K-4 arts curriculum documents; and 3. Highlight key research findings and recommendations relevant to early learning investigated in A Study of Arts Education in Manitoba Schools: 2006-2007.
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