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Session: 2B
Author: Kim Young
Affiliation: Pine Creek School Division
Title : Enhancing high quality preschool programming to families in the R.M. of North Norfolk
Description : My name is Kim Young and I am currently the Kindergarten and Resource teacher at Austin Elementary School. Aside from my teaching responsibilities, I am committed to enhancing high quality preschool programming to families in our community by providing a number of numeracy and literacy programs to parents and their children. Researchers overwhelmingly agree that there is a strong correlation between the skills with which children enter school and their later academic performance; a failure to give children literacy experiences until they are school-age can severely limit their reading and writing potential. I am the President of Austin Pre-School Connections which is a group that was formed in 2001. It has been our goal over the past few years to bring pre-school programming and activities into our local community. We have run a variety of successful programs that have been well attended by community members from all over the R.M. of North Norfolk. The program for which I am the most proud of is one that I have developed for the preschooler in our community. The Pre-School Literacy/Numeracy Sessions are parent-child orientated and are set up as center activities. Parent and child rotate through a variety of literacy/numeracy centers based on a particular theme for that day. These sessions run once a month and are located in the Kindergarten classroom in Austin Elementary School. All children attending the sessions leave with a story book and activities to use at home. Feedback from parents attending these sessions has been very positive.
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