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MERN Forum # 16
Session: 2A
Author: Louise Gordon, Mia Elfenbaum
Affiliation: Red River College
Title : The science of early child development - an online tool
Description : This presentation will introduce participants to a tool that enhances the way in which early child and human development can be taught. The Science of Early Child Development is an innovative online tool that uses multimedia and interactivity to engage, inform and provoke students’ learning. Its five modules cover: developmental health, brain development, the ecology of childhood, coping and competence, and communicating and learning. Each module contains concepts and background information, highlights of current research, and a detailed discussion of the implications for practice. The use of readings, slideshows, examples, questions for reflection, photos, interactive games, and over 150 videos make this resource an especially interesting way to learn. In this session you will hear how this resource is being used across Canada and in several developing countries throughout the world to expose students to current research in an exciting way. The Science of Early Child Development, 2nd Edition was thoroughly updated in 2008. The World Bank recently funded the creation of an international version that is accessible and relevant for developing countries. Examples of the content from both versions will be presented during this session. Discussion will focus on ideas of how to use the material to enhance post-secondary education either in the classroom or online. The creation of The Science of Early Child Development was accomplished through a partnership between the Early Childhood Education Program at Red River College and the Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.
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