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Session: 1C
Author: Charlotte Enns, Sarah Kelly
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : Meeting with early learning needs of deaf children and their families
Description : This project facilitates an understanding of how deaf children are currently identified across provinces in Canada, and the kind of information, services, and programs that are available for families. We know how critical the early years are in terms of child development, family relationships, and establishing a foundation for future learning. We wanted to determine if this knowledge is being applied to the early education of deaf children and their families. A survey was conducted with service providers working with families with deaf and hard of hearing children from birth to five years of age in several provinces. The content of the questionnaire mainly focused on collecting information about the kinds of programs and services available, the challenges and issues that face professionals and families in attempting to meet the needs of deaf children, and the kind of future research that is needed or would be considered beneficial. Our findings indicated that the field of educating deaf and hard of hearing children continues to be polarized regarding communication methods, but there were some areas where professionals were in agreement. Common concerns focused on the structure of the service delivery system, family and parent needs, and signed language options. This presentation will outline the challenges and limitations of data collection as well as discuss the common concerns identified. Suggestions for how a better understanding of these issues will contribute to improvements in providing services for families with deaf and hard of hearing children will also be reviewed.
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