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Session: 1B
Author: Fay Cassidy, Doug Anderson
Affiliation: Evergreen School Division
Title : Evergreen early childhood programs - Action research
Description : This session will provide participants with an overview of two school division Early Childhood Programs that have received extremely positive evaluations from parents and teachers, Preschool Home Visitors and Kindergarten, Here I Come. Both programs are funded by the Early Child Development Grant from Manitoba Education Citizenship & Youth. The Preschool Visitor Program was developed by Kindergarten teachers and has been in place for several years. An educator visits the home of each incoming Kindergarten student during January to March to share a package of activities and suggestions on the development of school readiness skills with parents. Kindergarten, Here I Come is also developed by Kindergarten Teachers, and is a transition to school program that currently has a two year history in each of Evergreen’s four schools with Kindergarten. Incoming Kindergarten students may attend 8 sessions in May and June, two hours a day, once a week. Instructors in the past have been retired educators. The expected outcomes of our program are: a. Orientation to classroom routines and expected behaviours b. Improved social and readiness skills c. Relieve anxieties for starting school d. Teachers able to begin instruction earlier in Fall e. Program universal (available to all Kindergarten entries) f. Aids to parent adjusting to child beginning Kindergarten g. Early identification of needs (speech, learning, behaviour) Both programs are voluntary, although we do have over 90% participation. Parent and teacher evaluations of the programs have been extremely positive. The presentation will include an explanation of the programs, how they operate, evaluation results using surveys and other data collection, and how the programs assist with transition and planning for these students into the school setting.
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