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MERN Forum # 8
Session: 4E
Author: Glenn Cockerline
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : "WebCT ;Is it the answer to small enrollment courses in rural Manitoba? What the research says about who is advantaged by the use of WebCT?"
Description : Is WebCT for everybody? The purpose of this study was to investigate whether a relationship exists between students’ cognitive style preferences and their use, comfort, and satisfaction with online learning. The impetus driving this study was largely due to the scarcity of empirical research relating perceptual modality preferences to online learning. The Internet does a great job presenting information visually, however, visual learners represent a minority of students. Therefore, without looking at students’ visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning preferences as they relate to online learning, the medium is neither being used to its fullest, nor are learners receiving the full potential of online learning. This presentation presents the findings of recently completed research, and looks at who is being disenfranchised by the use of WebCT.
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