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Session: 4D
Author: Carolyn Crippen
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : "Teacher-candidate perceptions of educational leadership: Democratization in Manitoba schools"
Description : Today school leadership is shifting from a hierarchical, direct form of leadership to a collaborative democratic, moral, imperative (Fullan, 2003; Murphy and Seashore Louis, 1999; Starratt, 2004). This new form of leadership provides many opportunities to nurture teacher-leaders within the school structure. Decision-making, school planning, curriculum development, and individual growth plans encourage reflection, deliberate action, and professional learning. Through collaboration, the abilities of teacher-leaders and their moral purpose are strengthened within the school environment. How do those entering programs for teacher education perceive educational leadership and what qualities do they believe are important? What characteristics would these teacher-candidates wish to emulate? How do they make decisions? Can they identify an effective learning activity? What success indicators would they use? The following paper attempts to answer these questions by surveying 95 teacher-candidates in the first year of a two-year education program in the Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. All participants in the study were members of the senior year’s cohort (high school
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