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Session: 4A
Author: Harold MacDonald
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : "Prevalence of anxiety disorder among intermediate students with reading comprehension problems in northern Manitoba"
Description : The lack of success associated with the development of reading comprehension strategies is a major problem among Grade 4/5/6 students in Northern Manitoba. Approximately three quarters of all students referred for academic support services are described as either deficit or delayed in this area. Multiple support programs have been implemented to help these students. Despite these support programs, almost half of each cohort eventually enters secondary school with inadequate reading comprehension strategies. This study will take the form of a needs assessment in an attempt to discover another possible explanation for the lack of progress in remediation of reading comprehension strategies. The prevalence of anxiety disorders will be examined in relation to the prevalence of inadequate reading comprehension strategies. A correlational research study will be designed to include a stratified random sampling of Grade 4/5/6 students from Thompson, Flin Flon, and The Pas, Manitoba. Potential members of the sample group will be identified through analysis of the Manitoba Grade 3 Reading Assessment in conjunction with subsequent school-based assessments. The State/Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children will be administered to identify anxiety factors among the population of students with inadequate reading comprehension strategies. The study will yield descriptive statistics concerning anxiety disorders and inadequate reading comprehension strategies. Three dimensional histograms will permit graphic analysis of groups of students with anxieties, inadequate reading comprehension strategies, or both anxieties and inadequate reading comprehension strategies at each grade level. Further correlations may be achieved as well.
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