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MERN Forum # 8
Session: 3F
Author: Don Metz
Affiliation: University of Winnipeg
Title : "The whole school approach to education: A case study of an environmental school in rural Costa Rica"
Description : The whole school approach to education is based on the belief that the outcomes in the designed and implemented curriculum are reflected in the day-to-day practice of the school’s teachers, pupils, and staff (Shallcross, 2005). In this way, schools practice what they teach leading by action in most aspects of school life such as school governance, pedagogical approaches, student behaviours, curriculum design, resource management, and school operations. In this presentation, a case study of a high school (grades 7 – 11) in rural Costa Rica will be examined which practices the whole school approach for environmental education aimed to address sustainable local issues. Additionally, a unique alternative practicum program for student teachers will be presented and implications for rural education will be discussed.
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