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MERN Forum # 8
Session: 3D
Author: Karen Rempel
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : "Rural education and learning: Past, present perspectives and future possibilities"
Description : This presentation is aimed at generating critical thinking on rural education and learning based on the following themes: (1) the philosophical and historical foundations of rural education and learning; (2) some examples of contemporary rural community descriptions of education and learning; and (3) future possibilities of education and learning based in the rural community context. Ultimately, the case will be made that rural education and learning warrant special consideration in public policies. The philosophical and historical dimensions of rural education and learning in Manitoba are located in the provincial, national and international influences of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The literature suggests that both the nature of immigrant society and the challenges of nation-building stand out as the most significant influences across the Prairie Provinces however, the subsequent impact on rural education and learning differed considerably. From the historical and philosophical foundation of rural education and learning in Manitoba, the discussion moves to contemporary rural Manitoba and the perceptions of six communities on education and learning. These perceptions differ and ultimately reflect the strong influence of the each community’s unique social, economic and cultural milieu. Future possibilities for rural education and learning derive from past experience and the contemporary examples of six rural communities. Specifically, these possibilities are located in (a) the unique socio-cultural situation of rural communities; and in (b) their ability to respond to rapid change, globalization and technology. Furthermore, public education policy should consider and reflect these dimensions.
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