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Session: 3C
Author: Brian Lewthwaite, Robert Renaud & Rodelyn Stoeber
Affiliation: University of Manitoba, Collège universitaire de Saint Boniface
Title : "Teacher perceptions of factors influencing science program delivery in rural francophone minority settings in Manitoba & Saskatchewan"
Description : This paper examines the broad and complex factors influencing science program delivery in Grade 1-9 classrooms in rural francophone-minority settings in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The presentation outlines the outcomes of several school case studies involving questionnaire surveys and follow-up interviews.
These studies suggest a variety of teacher personal attribute factors are contributing to and impeding science delivery in francophone-minority settings, beyond those commonly identified in mainstream schools. The study will furthermore outline the stages being used to develop a science evaluation instrument that might be used in francophone minority settings to diagnostically identify existing contributors and impediments to science delivery as a foundation for school science curriculum development.
Abstract # : 34
Paper Link : f08-papers/Lewthwaite-Stoeber.doc

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