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Session: 3A
Author: Laine Mosset
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : "Manitoba community schools: New models for community economic development"
Description : To give students the best educational experience possible, schools have changed the ways in which they use their time, money and space. This thesis is about a new model for schools and their role in fostering community economic development (CED). CED principles and community school mandates share a common interest as they aim to improve social and economic conditions in communities. The aim of this study is to investigate community schools in Manitoba by exploring the role they play in enhancing student, family, and community opportunities. This thesis develops a conceptual framework for applying the community school model to seven core aspects of CED: community building; community capacity building; community participation; holistic approach to development; leadership development; partnerships, collaboration, and networks; and program planning, implementation and review. The research, including interviews with people associated with two community schools in Manitoba, illustrates how the seven core aspects of CED are reflected in the goals and achievements of Manitoba community schools.
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