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Author: Donna Michaels, Marlene Gregory, Doug Milak, Adrian Kuryliw & Barry Gooden
Affiliation: Brandon School Division
Title : "Brandon school division graduation study 2003-2005"
Description : The Graduation Study research project was initiated in September 2003 by the administrators of Brandon School Division Secondary Schools (Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Neelin High School, Vincent Massey High School). The study was completed, with the assistance of Brandon School Division Research and Evaluation Services, in February 2006. reporting was completed in May 2006. The two-year study design targeted all graduating and early exiting students of the Brandon School Division during the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 school years. A broad examination of demographics, student academic history, student employment history, student residence history, credits achieved, school attendance, resource teacher involvement, school clinician involvement, community agency involvement, student perceptions, and parent perceptions. Data was gathered through an investigation of each of the graduating and exiting student pupil records (school cumulative files, SIRS©, the Trevlac© student databases, and Student Support Services files). In addition, surveys were completed by a representative sample of graduating students. Individual early exit student and parent interviews were also conducted to gather information about the school leaving experiences of a sample of early exit students. Student, parent and teacher confidentiality was preserved throughout the research process.
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