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Session: 2E
Author: Amjad Malik & K.P. Binda
Affiliation: Brandon University
Title : "An examination of educational problems as perceived by rural educators"
Description : Rural educators have faced a number of problems that affect instruction in the classroom, e.g.; The issues of declining enrollment and fiscal imbalance have created a dichotomy in the quality of education received by pupils in the rural area of Manitoba. The small class sizes and multi-grade classroom settings have constrained the delivery of some courses, as well small class sizes and small schools have restricted teacher- teacher interactions, and as a result many teachers in the senior grades operate in isolation without the benefits of collegial day to day discourse. This factor is further aggravated by distance and the associated cost of traveling to workshop and conferences for professional development of teachers. Notwithstanding with the advent of technological innovations / communications, face to face interaction in professional discourses are much preferred by teachers, not only in rural areas but in urban areas as well. Drawing from personal observations as well as the graduate research of some M.Ed. issues and offers some solution for resolution of these rural problems.
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