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MERN Forum # 8
Session: 2D
Author: Marlene Atleo
Affiliation: University of Manitoba
Title : "Aboriginal teacher and EAL (English as an additional language) teachers: Developing a common discourse"
Description : This presentation reports the theoretical rationale and practical background of a project in process that brings Aboriginal teachers and EAL teachers together to develop a common discourse about English language teaching to Aboriginal learners in Manitoba and Northern Vancouver Island. The unique and diverse history of the Aboriginal People of Manitoba suggests that education presents a challenging complexity of issues of which language is a major component. The project partners include the Aboriginal Directorate of the Ministry of Education, Citizenship & Youth, Manitoba First Nations Resource Center, TEAM ((Teaching English-as-an-Additional-Language to Adults in Manitoba) – EAL in Manitoba, North Island College, Courtenay, BC, and the University of Manitoba.
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