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MERN Forum # 8
Session: 2B
Author: Paul Cuthbert, Scott Hill & Students
Affiliation: Evergreen SD & Manitoba School Improvement Program
Title : "Senior years review in Evergreen school division: Engaging student, teacher and community voices in dialogue toward change for our high schools"
Description : Evergreen School Division (ESD), serving students in Gimli, Arborg and Riverton, has forged a partnership with the Manitoba Association of School Trustees (MAST) and the Manitoba School Improvement Program (MSIP) to facilitate collaborative dialogue between and among staff, students, and community members aimed at enhancing Senior Years Programming in the Division’s three high schools. While maintaining a focus on student learning, the dialogic process will adopt an ‘appreciative inquiry’ approach, and will facilitate reflective dialogue about the alignment of philosophy and practice, in an effort to allow a diversity of voices to be heard in guiding change processes in ESD. The presenters will describe the background of the partnership, and will share some of the successes and challenges to date, as well as future plans for this initiative. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss data collected from Evergreen School Division’s “Student Forum,” and will be invited to raise critical questions about the initiative.
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