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MERN Forum # 8
Session: 1A
Author: Tim De Ruyck
Affiliation: Mountain View School Division
Title : "Identifying and addressing the challenges of the rural principal"
Description : Rural school principals face a number of challenges that are unique to their environment. These challenges stem from a number of sources, from within the school division structure, from a community perspective, and from within the school setting itself. This paper will contend that principals in rural environments have challenges and needs that are unique to their environment. Further, this paper examines the rural principalship in terms of principal preparedness/supply, principal professional development, challenges at the school-based level, and community-related challenges. Discussion will be brought forward to suggest specifically what needs to be done to assist rural principals in their increasingly difficult roles, including addressing professional development needs, clarifying the role of the rural principal, and formally recognizing rural principals as a unique sub-group of principals in general. While the primary focus of the paper will be from a Manitoba perspective, the literature that will be examined as part of this discussion will not be exclusively specific to Manitoba.
Abstract # : 35
Paper Link : f08-papers/De-Ruyck.doc

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