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Source : MERN Forum #11, Session 2A
Date: 11/2/2007
Author: Youn-Young Park, Tim Thorne-Tjomsland
Title : Research-based revision of Manitoba transition planning process support guidelines for students with special needs reaching age 16
Text : Manitoba Transition Planning Process Support Guidelines For Students with Special Needs Reaching Age 16 is a protocol mandated by the Healthy Child Committee of Cabinet (HCCC) that directs government departments and agencies to work collaboratively in the transitioning of students with exceptional learning needs who will require supports as adults after completing school. The document, first distributed in 1999, is currently under revision to bring it in line with current policies and practices. To support the revision of the protocol, the project team engaged Ms. Youn-Young Park, a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba, to conduct a survey of web-based information on transition policy and practices from Canada and the United States. Based on the data gathered by Ms. Park, the project team developed a conceptual framework for the revised document. This framework was used in a web-based consultation process with stakeholders to gather survey data to further guide the document revision process. This presentation will describe the revision process followed by the project team and present the results of Ms. Park’s survey of transition policy and practice in Canada and the United States and the stakeholder survey data.
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