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Source : MERN Forum #11, Session 4C
Date: 11/2/2007
Author: Donna M. Michaels, Greg Malazdrewicz, Adrian Kuryliw
Title : From research to practice in our senior high schools
Text : The Brandon School Division conducted a major research study entitled “Graduation Study (2003-2005)”. Its purpose was to ascertain the views, opinions and comments of former Brandon School Division students upon reflection of their school experiences. Feedback was received from both students who graduated and those who left without graduating. The two year research study yielded considerable data which was studied by teachers, administrators, senior administrators to inform the work in our Strategic Plan; specifically in the areas of diversity, multiple literacies and school change. A major unexpected finding was that the non-graduating students identified a lack of appropriate academic support as the major reason for their discontinuance. Other key findings focused on reasons related to the lack of emotional support, meaningful student/adult relationships, and early intervention for struggling learners. These findings have been and continue to be addressed in both Divisional and school-based initiatives related to our Strategic Plan. Specific practices resulting from these research findings include the establishment of an Off Campus program site, literacy and learning centres, individualized education plans and increased guidance/counselling support. This presentation will detail the implementation of research findings in educational practices designed to provide all senior high students with equitable access to quality learning opportunities.
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