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Source : MERN Forum #11, Session 3B
Date: 11/2/2007
Author: Donna M. Michaels, Marlene Gregory, Nancy Dane, Terry Osiowy
Title : School development planning: Connecting research to policy
Text : The Brandon School Division connects research to policy to several areas of endeavour. One of these major areas is School Development Planning. Using the Provincial direction and framework we contextualize school planning within the research concepts of school-based development and school typology of quality operation and development. The school typology research provides key reference concepts for reflection, analysis and evaluation. These two concepts are the interdependent interface of teaching effectiveness and culture. The school-based development planning research utilized focuses on the democratic, collective ownership of a public school’s development by staff, students, parents, community, the processes of collaboration (benefits, challenges) within a community of learners, the tenets of quality schools, including vision, mission, beliefs about learners, strong focus on learning and teaching, high levels of student engagement in learning, accountability for student achievement results and the application of these results in the planning process. Inherent within this research is the emphasis on the school’s development for the future. Our presentation will review Brandon School Division school development policy, pertinent research and direct application to school plans (two examples – elementary and senior high).
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