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Source : MERN Forum #11, Session 3D
Date: 11/2/2007
Author: Brian Lewthwaite
Title : From school in community to a community-based school: Examining the influence of an Aboriginal principal on school development
Text : This paper explores the history and processes associated with the transformation of a northern Canadian Aboriginal˛ school into a culture-based community school for its Metis, Inuvialuit and Gwichin citizens. In particular, the role of the principal, a local Aboriginal, as a leader in initiating and facilitating the transformative change is examined. The factors providing the impetus for change and processes fostering change are examined through the critical lens of Kaupapa Maori Theory, a guiding framework for transformative praxis in New Zealand Maori schools. As well, the paper examines current developments in the area of science curriculum development and delivery within this school community that are consistent with culture- and place-based education practice and the aspirations of the community.
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