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Source : MERN Forum #11, Session 4D
Date: 11/2/2007
Author: Glen Gatin, Lili Jardine, Glenn Cockerline
Title : How to increase success and satisfaction with online learning?
Text : Some of the biggest challenges with online learning is the increased dropout rates, the lack of success and the lack of satisfaction. This mixed research project will determine the factors that increase students success and satisfaction in online learning systems in South Manitoba. There will be three instruments used to survey and interview the participants. The instruments will contain qualitative and quantitative questions. Students from secondary and post-secondary institutions will complete an electronic or paper survey . Online coordinators, online teachers, and some administrators will complete a paper survey, electronic survey or a telephone interview. Teachers and online coordinators will be interviewed to understand the context and add validity to the results. There will be at least 85 students surveyed with a higher percentage of post-secondary students. Post-secondary institutions will be contacted via email through the ethics committee, and secondary institutions will be contacted via email through the Superintendents’ office.
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