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Source : MERN Forum #11, Session 1B
Date: 11/2/2007
Author: Paul Betts and Laura McMaster
Title : Gifted high school students experiences of messy math
Text : Our work in the IB program at Miles Macdonell Collegiate has shown us that the philosophy of mathematics is a needed and worthwhile addition to the mathematical experiences of high school students. We believe that (mathematics) education borders on indoctrination, especially when students perceive the doing of mathematics as reproducing and applying a long, disconnected list of memorized formulas and procedures. Despite reform efforts in mathematics education, high school students have no appreciation of the activities of mathematicians or the socially constructed nature of mathematics. We developed a collection of classroom activities based on the notion of messiness, which is grounded in the ambiguity of mathematics that is not present in the black and white presentation of school math. Data collected (interviews, journals, observations) before, during and after these classroom activities were analyzed in terms of each student’s mathematical identity, using a narrative approach. We found that students took up new narratives as they repositioned their identity in relation to mathematics. In this presentation, we will elaborate on messiness, and on the results of three student cases. We consider these three students as gifted, and will make claims concerning gifted students, but we wish to expand our ideas to include any high school student. Hence, this presentation will encourage feedback from the audience in the form of sharing stories of personal identity with mathematics and critiquing our work.
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