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Source : MERN Forum 1, Concurrent Session 4D
Date: 11/21/2003
Author: Beverley Bailey(BU) and Paul Betts(UW)
Title : Sharing Visions, Creating Futures
Text : This paper is an attempt to recreate the metaphor we use to understand schooling. We begin with a comparison between Euclidian and fractal geometry, pointing out the holistic aspects of fractal geometry and complexity theory and suggesting that this is a more useful vision for education than the linear model encouraged by an Euclidian approach currently in use. We go on to outline the ways in which the ancient wisdom of Aboriginal cosmology and epistimology is a rich, ordered, conglomeration of ritual, wholeness, spatial time, ceremony, expressiveness. We point out the similarities between the very old and the ultra new in thinking about how to prepare our youth for their futures. Finally we point out that when we create an educational space based on a holistic approach and reality, we create an inclusive learning environment which enhances the likelihood for success for all our students. Suggestions for so doing include - learning from the oral tradition - learning from Aboriginal cosmology. - learning from Western practice. - learning from history.
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