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Source : MERN Forum #14, Session 1A
Date: 4/25/2008
Author: Ralph Mason and Janelle McFeetors
Title : Socio-economic status, social capital, and high school mathematics
Text : High school students in Manitoba are well aware that, to keep doors open to them for post –secondary studies, they must succeed in mathematics at high school. We are currently doing a five-year longitudinal study of students’ choices of high school mathematics subjects, the factors that affect those choices, and the approaches they take to succeeding in mathematics. School division data reveals that participation in academic mathematics courses is strongly affected by family socio-economic status. As well, interviews with students reveal that parents who help students with their mathematics at home and persistently encourage students make a significant difference to student engagement in their learning and, ultimately, their success. Yet parents’ capability to help and to encourage appears also to be linked to family structure and professional status. As a result, mathematics is playing the role of a critical filter in Manitoba, magnifying the effects of social capital on success in high school. Our interview data with students has pointed out strategies by which teachers could soften the effects of disparities that under-privilege students from low-income families.
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