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Source : MERN Forum #14, Session 1C
Date: 4/25/2008
Author: Donna Copsey Haydey
Title : What current research tells us about early years literacy in low income families
Text : Educational equity is a cornerstone of democracy and guarantees all students the opportunity to participate successfully in school with the ultimate goal that all students become productive and contributing members of society. However, the reality is that students from low income families who differ from the mainstream in ethnicity, primary language, and social class historically have not been as successful in achieving the literacy levels of their mainstream peers resulting in a literacy achievement gap. This is not surprising since the literacy gap exists in tandem with other gaps, such as the health care gap, the housing gap, the technology gap, the economic gap and access-to-higher education to name but a few. Literacy research since the new millennium however has provided us with many new insights that when addressed within the context of the classroom have the potential to address some of the inequities in the education of children from low-income families. In this presentation, I will provide a review of the current research on the literacy development of children from low-income homes and how by addressing these issues schools may make better accommodations for improving impoverished children’s achievement in literacy.
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